The Garment District Tour w/ Lenese Calleea

Char Saint

I had the pleasure of meeting with Lenese Calleea during her monthly garment district tour and this woman is even more phenomenal in person.

Just a quick background on Lenese: she’s the creator and owner of the Black n Fashion podcast, as well as the founder and owner of LC Apparel Consulting, and lastly she’s the creator of Calleea’Vatein. Her boss moves don’t go unnoticed because she recently hosted The Fashion 500 event and that’s big, big deal ESPECIALLY because they celebrated their 10th year anniversary in the industry.

Now back to Ms. Calleea honey. Let’s recount the day: it’s great weather day in the city, meeting point is West 38th Street and I walk up to Lenese already waving her hands and giggling away as she begins promptly at 2:30pm to check us all in. She’s super amicable and the group is soaking it up and we’re all excited to start but the walk off time isn’t until 2:40. At 2:40 on the dot however, we all (minus one) start the stroll through New York City’s Garment District.

The tour totaled ten vendor destinations starting with Ivel International where we met the Russian leather, suede, and fur pattern/maker, supplier and manufacturer, Boris ending with the Middle Eastern fabric supplier and full-service production, Ali. From grading and marking to care labels, hangers and garment care, the LC Apparel Consulting’s Garment District Tour didn’t miss a beat.

Lenese’s skills as a production manager is worth the $175 ticket I paid to get her first hand knowledge of the process and and pains of production. But when you find someone as passionate as Lenese about what they do and equally as passionate about sharing the information, let’s just say businesses like LC Apparel Consulting are rare. Great experience and highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn and build a bomb business.

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