The Best Kind of Love

Char Saint

This week’s topic has been all about love and today’s no different. I’ve come to the conclusion that the best kind of love is self-love. Even if you haven’t been loved, starting with self-love is the best starting point. Bob Proctor said that he doesn’t fool with nor befriend nor associate with people who don’t love themselves and that’s a huge statement to understand.

The theory behind his statement is that if you don’t love yourself, then how can you possibly love someone else?

Let’s dive deeper and use our logic here. Consider love as a cup of water. If your cup is empty, then you can’t possibly pour into another’s cup (even if they do need it), right? However, if that same cup is full, then (of course) you can certainly pour into another’s cup. Ultimately however, the best cup is the one that overflows simply because is it overflowing. Meaning, there is more than enough to give and more than enough to go around. But the overflowing cup must tread carefully and would have to consistently replenish its cup in order to continue to overflow.

Each earthling has their own cup of water and an evaluation of that cup is imperative (daily). If we’re going to pour into another’s cup, then it’s best to be the overflowing cup.

The moral of the story is whether you have any love to give, just enough love to give or more than enough love to give each cup holder is solely responsible for their individual cups. There is major importance in consistent refills. And yes, those refills are free however, you’ll have to put in work. The ones attempting to figure out if they have enough to give, that’s your answer right there! Stop giving what you don’t have and start with self-love and then, fill that cup daily until you become that cup that overflows.