The Man in the Mirror

Char Saint

Brandon Marshall, a former NFL player, asked Entrepreneur Lil Wayne “who are you studying as a CEO, as a founder, as a leader when you talk about taking the game to a whole other level, leading a company, breaking artist, like you’re next level. So, who are you studying? What books are you reading? Where are you getting this information from? Lil Wayne replied, “In my bathroom. My bedroom has no mirrors. So the bathroom is where I see my first mirror of the day. That’s the movie. That’s the book. That’s the guide. That’s the I. That’s the entrepreneur. That’s the person I’m studying. That’s the book I’m reading. That’s the movie I’m watching. That mirror right there. I don’t know who the fu*k else. Cause if I’m trying to watch somebody else and study somebody else, then I’m trying to be them or be like them. Nah, be like me.” Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson replied, “that’s gonna go over a lot of people heads.” Don’t be one of those people.”