The Countdown

Char Saint

“Wishing you 12 months of success, 52 weeks of laughter, 365 days of fun, 8,760 hours of joy, 525,600 minutes of good luck, & 31,536,00 seconds of pure happiness. Happy New Year!” 🎈

6 Things I Remembered in 2022

Char Saint

“1) Everything takes time; 2) Other people aren’t the answer to happiness; 3) Grow & never stop working towards the better version of self; 4) Change is inevitable; 5) Mistakes don’t define you; &, 6) We’re capable of so much!”

Being a Star Player

Char Saint

“I anticipated kissing my guy for 2023’s countdown. As it turns out though, relationships are like contracts & reading the fine print actually fu*king matters.”

“Think about it like this: A star player would never join any ole team & a valued asset could never accept any ole merger. I’m a star player so nah Gina, I’m not joining just any team & I’m certainly not merging for the sake of saying so.”

“The value I bring holds a tremendous amount of weight, s& while I may have anticipated erroneouslyo in the end it’ll have been worth it. You should know it too! Remembering your worth will be imperative. Move accordingly. “

Pimp My Ride

Char Saint

“Walter Anderson said that trust is like a vase and once the vase is broken (though you can fix it) it’ll never be the same again. Think twice before loosing someone’s trust.”

Final Note to Self in 2022

Char Saint

“Stop buying dumb shit! Invest your money into assets that generate you passive income. THEN buy whatever you want.”

Complication Free for 2023

Char Saint

“Don’t complicate life in 2023. If you miss someone, call. If you want to meet up, send the invite. If you want to be understood, then explain yourself. If you have a question, then ask. If you don’t like something, then fu*king say so! Oh, you want something, fu*king ask! You love someone, then LET THEM KNOW! What’s so complex?”