Lord Forgive Me

Char Saint

When your energy is super addictive you must learn who to share it with. So, Lord forgive me for the fiends I’ve created.

The Day After

Char Saint

You’d be surprised the things we take for granted in life. From the close friends and friendships to the ones that are in our corners through thick and thin.

By @__GiveMeMorgan

Char Saint

April ♈️ 5th: “Aries, when things don’t go as planned you chose to let it effect you. Remember, God will always give you what you need. The enemy will supply you with what you want.”

@__givememorgan can be found here.

Thanks for the read, sis. 🙏🏾

The Bigger Picture

Char Saint

I saw a post/quote on IG aka Instagram the other day that had me like “omg, seriously!” (in Char’s voice) and I wanted to share its simplicity.

The post/quote read: “I’m so big on “just say that” because I swear all you ever have to do is just say that.”